Scholen van Morgen

Consulting Project Management – Support & Training

«Scholen van Morgen» is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to improve the real estate portfolio of the schools in Flanders. The Flemish Government launched the project in 2008 with AG Real Estate and BNP Paribas Fortis as private partners. The mission is to renovate and add schools, sport infrastructure, playgrounds and much more.

The PPP vehicle is not only in charge of the design, build, finance but also for the maintenance for 30 years. Architects, contractors and maintenance companies will be assigned by “Scholen van Morgen” to perform their services. 165 projects with 200 schools were defined and a budget of 1,5 billion EUR is allocated.

During the kick off of the project PROCOS supported the team in setting up project management procedures. PROCOS is providing the software tool that creates one platform for all partners involved. The Multi Project Manager (MP2) provides a predefined process and is the central repository for all data and documents related to each individual project. By using dashboards and the reporting tool, the program manager is able to create overview reports. They will support the management of the project and ensure that the project will be delivered within the timing and within the budget.

  • Number of projects: 165
  • Number of buildings renovated or newly built: 200
  • Floor area: 625.000 m²

Software implemented

Multi Project Manager
Project Library