Philips OLED Research - Aachen

The transformation of an old production hall

The research team of Lumiblade (OLED lighting) from Philips is an experienced team in the innovation and research for OLED. The team had to move from a traditional office area with labs to the “Rothe Erde” campus in Aachen. Extensive renovations transformed former production halls and warehouses into a new office environment and labspace.

The OLED research team was facing a large challenge. A new office environment for the researchers had to be developed and the labs with test equipment had to move to the new building.

Based on an in depth analysis of the requirements of the researchers, the PROCOS team created an inspiring environment. By adding floors and bridges, the former production hall was transformed into an inspiring environment for research and development.

The PROCOS team was in charge of:

  • Program of requirements
  • Space Planning
  • Interior design
  • Technical notes
  • Support during execution