Decisive Insights: Accenture’s Partnership with PROCOS Group for Lisbon Expansion

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In 2023, ACCENTURE faced the challenge of expanding its facilities. To this end, the company has invited PROCOS Group to collaborate in the preliminary analysis process. Together, they conducted a thorough analysis of the three shortlisted options located in Lisbon, including planning project timescales, forecasting costs and carrying out comprehensive audits. Support activities included, for all three locations and in close collaboration with Accenture.

The result?

The result was a detailed report summarizing the information gathered, presenting the final conclusions, classifying the risks and opportunities, which also included crucial recommendations for strategic decision-making. This exemplary collaboration demonstrates ACCENTURE's excellence and emphasises the importance of solid partnerships such as the one with the PROCOS Group within the scope of this project. The executive and benchmarking information produced by the PROCOS Group as part of this project was a valuable tool to support executive decision-making regarding Go/No-Go and the choice of the most appropriate option for the objectives previously defined by Accenture.


Miguel Carneiro Da Silva - Managing Director PROCOS Portugal

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