CM Hasselt HQ has won the 2024 Active House Award in the Principle category!

PROCOS Group News


We're proud PROCOS Group contributed to the success of the CM Hasselt Headquarter! You can read the full use case on our projects landingpage.

The Active House Awards are a significant recognition presented by Active House International, a global association known for establishing standards for creating healthy and comfortable buildings. The awards reward and promote practices in sustainable and human-centric building, showcasing exemplary application of Active House principles in construction projects. This entails balancing elements such as comfort, energy, and the environment in building design to enhance residents' quality of life and ensure sustainability.

On April 10th, the online award ceremony took place during the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels. This is an initiative of the European Commission aimed at translating the Green Deal into tangible changes in the field to make our daily lives more beautiful and sustainable.

#Kudos to the whole project and construction team!

Link to the website: 2024 Awards – Active House


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