De Warmste Week a soulful week at PROCOS Group

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We definitely gave our best during "De Warmste PROCOS Week." 
First of all, a big applause to the colleagues who were involved in the organization and of course to all the colleagues who participated in these fun activities. 
This year we raised a nice amount for the "Rondoufonds" for Duchenne research. 
Throughout the week we played table tennis and shuffleboard, with the exciting finals on Friday. 
Our colleague Bart organized a 5 km run through different parks in Antwerp featuring interesting facts about the neighborhood.
During two lunch sessions we had delicious crocque monsieurs and hot dogs.
A fun photo round with pictures of our childhood challenged everyone and the right matches were not easy to find...
On Friday we had a CPR training given by Bart, the husband of our colleague Els. Very good tips & tricks, the most important take away, always reanimate when necessary, it's better than doing nothing.
Up to the next team event in the new year!!

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