Our manifesto

With workplaces and software we create teamwork. Facility management, asset management, NWOW or IWMS it’s called, officialy. We prefer to talk about Space, Software and Soul. These three elements result in passionate employees; because they define the spirit of the company.

We work for teams that want to work smarter, more efficiently and with much enthousiasm. Supported by a flexible office and the appropriate IT systems, that manage all the information about the technical installations, the buildings and the processes.

We also work for teams preparing for change. Using a new software tool in your company, requires perfect management of the processes, from the early beginning. This ensures that every change is also an improvement.

We work for teams that want to grow in an environment that supports the development of their talents and collaboration. Because the physical and digital working environment supports the productivity, engagement and satisfaction. Especially for the new generation. Space and software as an impuls for growth, not as a consequence.

For 25 years we’ve been taking care of these of teams, across the world. As an independent consultant we are a partner for our clients. They are always our starting point. They deserve our open mind and our absolute respect. That’s the only way to develop sustainable solutions, that really work.

And our own team? Exceptional. You could say that every team member is actually a change manager. By contributing his or her expertise, everyone participates in the end result.

That’s how we grow, just as our clients do. Often they have been our partners for many years, with whom we have developed a special relationship. They can count on the flexibility of our team; an important asset in the today’s economy. An economy that, in our opinion, should have more Soul. So that the entire working environment and the working experience supports us as human beings.

Our goal? Better days on the job.

The results: more growth, more satisfaction, more energy and most of all more Soul.



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