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It's the week of work happiness (Week van het Werkgeluk)!
We were more than happy to enter our "Work Hero Case".
We take the lead with several initiatives for our own team to maintain high levels of workplace happiness, such as:
- An inspiring workplace and meeting space.
- A platform for employees to share experiences and knowledge (PROCOS Academies).
- Adequate support for advanced remote work and an optimal work-life balance.
- Psychosocial support during conflicts and/or crisis moments.
- Comprehensive onboarding procedures and individual training plans for each employee.
- Time and space for informal moments and connection through "PROCOS on Tuesday," exciting study trips, and vibrant family days.
- Our own manifesto, "For Better Days on the Job," aiming for more growth, more satisfaction, more energy, and more SOUL.

Ann Bundervoet, HR & Admin Coordinator

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